Setup of ease

If you plan to build your own IoT (Internet of Things) platform, and are looking for a setup-of-ease solution, then you have to check out MCS Lite.

MediaTek Cloud Sandbox Lite Edition(Referred to MCS Lite), inspired from features of MediaTek Cloud Sandbox(Referred to MCS)with easy-to-use user interface, is designed for users who desire dedicate IoT platform for their applications. Binaries are available in Windows, Linux and Mac OS for instant launch.

MCS Lite composes all the elements that is required for a web application into an executable binary file, including database, web server and system configurtion. In just one-click, MCS Lite can be launched on your computer and starts to work as an IoT platform to interact with the connected devices. You can also copy or save MCS Lite package into a portable disk drive and have it up and running anytime, anywhere.

Whether it is applied to educational institutions, hardware and software R & D team, or a variety of commercial field, and whether the computer host is in the public network or private domain,MCS Lite help you build your IoT platform with ease and agility.

Download MCS Lite application now

Open source

MCSLite is distributed as an open-source software under MIT license. You can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense our projects.

MCS Lite mainly contains the following projects and components:

  1. mcs-lite-app
    • The source code of MCS Lite application binary.
  2. mcs-lite
    • The UI components and other packages that MCS Lite application is required.
  3. cra-boilerplate
    • An example that uses create-react-app to tailor your own MCS Lite application UI.

Goto MCS Lite Github


Whether you want to customize the user interface, support other databases or add additional data analysis and encryption mechanism, you can directly modify the source code or use the API provided by MCS Lite to expand the functions.

MCS Lite development team are also working on delivering more examples。

Tailor your user interface with React

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